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Corporate tax rate reduction

The State Budget for 2015 lowered the corporate income tax rate to 21% (it was 23%). Corporate tax is a tax levied on profits derived by both resident and non-resident entities. This decrease corresponds to a loss of tax revenue of around EUR 200 million. The aim is to create conditions to attract foreign investment. It is important to note however the adding of the state tax (between 3% and 5%, depending on the amount of taxable income) and the municipal surcharge (up to 1.5%) wich give a real tax rate of around 25%.

Justice in Portugal no longer dominated by men

According to the latest data from DGPJ, more than 50% of the professionals involved in Justice are now female. In 2013, 58% of judges, 62.3% of prosecutors, 70% of justice auditors and 63.6% of probation officers were women. Also lawyers and trainee lawyers are mostly women, representing the female 53 and 63 percent respectively. In line with this trend are also female current holders of the Ministry of Justice, prosecutors and the Bar.